Alumna Rises to the #BlueDemonChallenge

On Thursday, Jan. 31, the DePaul community will come together to support the people and programs that make our university such a special place during the Blue Demon Challenge. If we can come together to surpass 2,000 donors in a single day, we can unlock more than $350,000 in support across the university!

Alumni Board member Teresa Battaglia (LAS ’08) has supported the Challenge in each of the last three years. We asked her how she’s planning to rise to the Blue Demon Challenge this year:


teresa battaglia_blue demon challenge
Teresa Battaglia (LAS ’08) will support the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences on Thursday, Jan. 31.

How did you support the Blue Demon Challenge last year?
I contributed to last year’s Blue Demon Challenge, first and foremost, monetarily. I also shared messages about the challenge on my social media networks, mostly through Twitter (follow me this year @okaypanda and use the hashtag #bluedemonchallenge!). I like to have fun with hashtags and try to include some humor in my posts. Also, as a member of the Alumni Board, I thanked individuals who commented on DePaul’s Facebook posts throughout the day when they stated they had made a gift. As a fundraiser, I’m all about saying thank you!

What area of DePaul did you support and why? 
I always give to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. If there’s an opportunity to designate my gift to the History Department (my major), then I contribute there. It’s important for me to give to my home college, but even more important to give to my area of study.

Why do you give during the Blue Demon Challenge year after year?
Challenges like this build camaraderie within our community, whether it’s with alumni, current students, faculty or staff. The spirit of DePaul University is alive and well. It’s necessary to share that message, and to put it into action, not only within Chicago but throughout the country and the world.

Why is it important for alumni to give back to DePaul?
I’m grateful for the support I received in order to attend DePaul, and I want to continue making that possible for other students. I’m not in a position to make large gifts, but I feel that every little bit can make a difference. Alumni are the greatest ambassadors a university can have.

How will you help DePaul reach 2,000 donors during the Blue Demon Challenge this year?
This year, I’m participating in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Challenge. If 75 donors designate their donations to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Alfred Thiede, class of 1957, and his family, have pledged a $25,000 matching gift! There are mini-challenges for each school and college, so be sure to look for yours on Thursday!


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