The Estebans Visit Alumni in China

In early October, A. Gabriel Esteban, PhD, president of DePaul University, and his wife, Josephine, traveled to China to visit with alumni living in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. This was the first time a sitting DePaul president has visited China in an official capacity, and Dr. Esteban was happy to share updates on the university with hundreds of alumni during his week abroad. University Trustees Jessica Sarowitz (LAS ’91) and George (LAS ’74) and Tanya Ruff accompanied the Estebans and helped to spread the DePaul cheer!

The Estebans began their trip by meeting with alumni at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing on Oct. 6. From there, it was a day of travel and then another alumni event with a packed house in Shanghai on Oct. 9. Finally, Dr. and Mrs. Esteban wrapped up their trip in Shenzhen on Oct. 12. The Estebans were able to bring a little DePaul spirit to alumni in China, and they traveled more than 1,600 miles along the way!

Check out some highlights from the trip below!

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