Volunteer Spotlight: Adarious Payton (LAS ’14)

We asked Adarious Payton (LAS ’14), co-leader of the Black Alumni Chapter, what inspired him to become a chapter volunteer and what he enjoys most about being co-leader.

What drew you to DePaul and inspired you to become a volunteer?
I knew DePaul was the perfect place for me when I saw that the institution was built on Vincentian values that require students to practice and embrace socially responsible leadership.

What do you enjoy most about being a co-leader for the Black Alumni Chapter?
I enjoy engaging with the fellow alumni community the most, DePaul has a network of incredible individuals all over the globe. Connecting with like-minded professionals with a similar background has proven to be extremely rewarding for me.

As a soon-to-be Double Demon, how are you managing the transition to online learning during your last quarter before graduation?
For me, it’s been all about perspective and balance. Virtual learning will be the way of the future, so I must embrace it. Though I miss face-to-face interaction with faculty and my peers, I am now forcing myself to identify new ways to do so.

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