Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Demon Darlings!

In honor of Valentine’s Day each year, we collect stories of couples who met at DePaul to share with our Blue Demon community. Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories. If you want to have your Demon Darlings photo and story added to this album, please email alumnisocialmedia@depaul.edu!

Bill (CMN ’96) and Margaret (LAS ’96) Glascott

Bill and Margaret met for the first time at a Greek Life info table in the Stuart Center as freshmen. They ran in similar circles for three years, but never really knew each other—he was a Phi Kappa Theta, she was an Alpha Sigma Alpha, and their respective roommates were a couple. The stars aligned at the beginning of their senior year at a friend’s 21st birthday celebration. They started dating shortly thereafter, and the rest is history. They celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in 2020 with their two children, Caitlin and Declan. Their daughter Caitlin was recently accepted into the School of Education at DePaul, Class of 2025, so they might have another Blue Demon in the house very soon!

Anirudh Bomadevar (CDM MS ’17) and Julia Roventa (LAS BA ’18)

Anirudh and Julia first met at a DePaul event on Sept. 16, 2016. The event was put on by the International Student and Scholar Services (ISS) of DePaul and also happened to be Julia’s first day as a student employee there. Since Anirudh was an international student at that time, he decided to attend. It was called “Bon Appetit,” which was a program that was designed for international students at DePaul to experience the gastronomy of Chicago and to give them an opportunity to forge new friendships.

They met each other for the first time by the Diversey Brown Line stop, where they found out they would be attending the same event. They walked together toward the event site, which was a local Mexican restaurant, and spent the entire time talking to each other. When they arrived at the restaurant, they sat near each other and continued to talk and exchanged phone numbers by the end of the day. They realized they had much in common (like their love of Lord of the Rings!).

From that day on, they started communicating regularly, making it official in the fall of 2016. They have done fun things together like going on sand dune rides, indoor skydiving and exploring the Grand Canyon! They have been together since 2016, spent the pandemic together and have weathered it all.

On July 24, 2020, they got married. They now live in the Chicago suburbs with their kitten, Duchess. They look forward to being able to travel again so that they can be together with their international family.

Kyle (CDM ’20) and Kathleen Slifka (CDM ’20)

Kathleen and Kyle met at College of Computing and Digital Media Advisor Day in 2016. While Kathleen was on her way to the train with one of her friends, Kyle stopped to talk to them and rode the train back with them! They ended up getting separated while getting off the train, but found each other again on the way to the STU, where they exchanged their info. They ended up running into each other again at Brownstones one morning, which sparked the beginning of furthering their relationship. They’ve been together for a little over four years now.

Phillipe Thao (CMN ’18) and Miya Saint-Louis (LAS ’17)

Phillipe Thao (’18) and Miya Saint-Louis (’17) met in Belden-Racine during their freshman year. Their love story started with watching The Bachelor every week in Miya’s dorm room, accompanied by several pints of Ben & Jerry’s from the STU. They’ve shared many adventures together, such as attending the LANY concert at The Metro, starring in a rap music video, dancing in Boystown, eating lots of pho and doing stand-up at The Second City.

Phillipe knew it was meant to be the summer after graduation when they would meet up for a movie and drink at ArcLight Cinemas after work. Although he fell asleep through most of the movies, this time spent together always brought them closer together.

Miya is a soon-to-be law school graduate, while Phillipe is working as a copywriter. Without DePaul University (and The Bachelor), they would never have crossed paths. Cheers to six years together!

Zachary (BUS ’15) and Alexis (BUS ’15) Zelisko

In November 2011, Zach and Alexis met in their freshman year at a party on Sheffield, and have been together ever since. They got married on Sept. 8, 2018. Half of their bridal party were fellow DePaul alumni (including the Best Man and the officiant)! Alexis is originally from Louisville, Ky. and Zach is from Deer Park, Ill. They currently reside in Louisville, but hope to make their way back to Chicago sooner rather than later! They are very proud alumni and couldn’t be more grateful to DePaul for giving them their best friends, spouses, careers and the experience of a lifetime.

Thaddeus (BUS ’70) and Elizabeth (LAS ’74) Zaleski

Thaddeus and Elizabeth met at a Delta Sigma Pi dance in 1971. Thaddeus had graduated in 1970 and had just come back to town from a job assignment. A fraternity brother called Thaddeus and asked if he was interested in going to the dance. It was the dance at which the “Rose” of Delta Sigma Pi was chosen. Elizabeth happened to be there cheering on her sister. Thaddeus asked her to dance and they did, and the band playing was TW4, which ultimately became Styx. The following week, a friend of Thaddeus was having a party and he invited her to go. They slowly started to date, and in February of the following year, Elizabeth invited Thaddeus to the DePaul Homecoming Dance. They began dating exclusively and got engaged in June of 1972 and married in June of 1973. They have four children and one grandchild.

Mike (BUS ’81) and Sue (BUS ’81) Rohde

Sue transferred to DePaul as a junior accounting major in 1979. She really didn’t know anyone and was rather nervous. When Mike sat down next to her and started a conversation, she felt much more relaxed. It turned out he was also a transfer student. As the school year went on, they got to know each other more and more. They began dating, but drifted apart due to pressures of school and other commitments. On Sue’s graduation day in 1981, she received a bouquet of red roses with no name on the card. It was a mystery who had sent them. A couple years later their paths crossed again. The second time around was the charm! They were married in October 1986. They have been blessed with three beautiful and talented children. Their youngest son followed in their footsteps by attending DePaul and graduating with a bachelors, masters, and soon a PhD. Elizabeth ended up finding out who sent those roses on her graduation day and Mike has been sending her roses every wedding anniversary since then.

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