Streamin’ Demons: Alumni Streaming Guide, Part 1

If you’re anything like us, every time you see P.J. Byrne (THE ’97) pop up in Wolf of Wall Street or Big Little Lies, you nudge the person next to you and whisper, “Psst… did you know he went to DePaul?” In fact, you may find more DePaul alumni than you’d think as you’re filling up your streaming queue over the next few weeks. As such, we’ve created a handy guide to help you stream all the shows and movies out there featuring the work of DePaul alumni, which we’re releasing in three parts! Follow and watch along with us using the hashtag #StreaminDemons!

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Joe Keery (THE ’14)

You know him, you love him, he’s Steve from Stranger Things (Netflix). That’s right–it’s alumnus Joe Keery (THE ’14)! In addition to his starring role as the boyfriend with the tall hair, you can stream one of Keery’s earliest roles with 2015’s Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party (Hulu). Over on Amazon Prime, you can find Keery in a supporting role with fellow Chicagoan Chance Bennett (aka Chance the Rapper) in the 2018 pizza-based horror-comedy Slice.

Gillian Anderson (THE ’90)

In her most famous role, playing the skeptic FBI agent Dana Scully on The X-Files (Hulu), alumna Gillian Anderson (THE ’90) made an indelible mark on the pop culture of the 90s. Since then, she’s continued to play interesting, complicated roles, including Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier in the horror-thriller Hannibal (stream it on Amazon Prime) and Stella Gibson in the intense procedural The Fall (also available on Prime).

Joe Mantegna (THE ’69)

Perhaps most well-known in recent years for his role as David Rossi in Criminal Minds, alumnus Joe Mantegna (THE ’69) has had a wide-ranging career that’s still going strong more than 40 years after his first credited part. With more than 140 acting credits to his name, we narrowed it down and picked a few standouts currently available to stream: Criminal Minds (Netflix), Eye for an Eye (Netflix), Uncle Nino (Amazon Prime), and The Last Hit Man (Amazon Prime).

Monique Coleman (THE ’02)

During new student orientations over the summer, Office of Alumni Relations staff often challenge incoming freshmen to shout out the names of famous DePaul alumni they’ve heard of, and no one’s name is more popular these days than Monique Coleman (THE ’02). As one of the stars of 2006’s High School Musical (now available to stream on Disney+), it’s easy to see why the new generation of students know her so well. You can also see Monique as Annie in 2018’s Broken Star (Hulu), and you can watch Season 1 of her original show GimmeMo with Monique Coleman on Amazon Prime.

…yeah, she can dance, too.

Judy Greer (THE ’97)

Catapulting to fame as jaded fashion magazine reporter Lucy Wyman in 2004’s 13 Going on 30 (available to rent on Amazon Prime), alumna Judy Greer (THE ’97) has gone on to featured roles in some of the biggest movies and television series of the last decade. Greer was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for her role in the cast of 2011’s The Descendants (also available to rent on Amazon Prime), and she plays a recurring role on the acclaimed comedy Arrested Development (Netflix). Greer has also made a mark in the voice-over world, where she’s played Cheryl on FX’s Archer (Hulu) since 2009.

Tarell Alvin McCraney (THE ’03)

In 2016, alumnus Tarell Alvin McCraney’s (THE ’03) film Moonlight (Netflix) won the Oscars for Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, and Best Adapted Screenplay. McCraney adapted the screenplay from his own play, In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue. You can find his newest film, High Flying Bird, written by McCraney and directed by Steven Soderbergh, streaming on Netflix now. McCraney is also creator and executive producer of David Makes Man on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

P.J. Byrne (THE ’99)

The eminently recognizable P.J. Byrne (THE ’99) has been gracing our screens since his breakout role in this viral fantasy football commercial from 2006:

Since then, he’s gone on to numerous standout supporting roles alongside some of the biggest stars of our time, including his roles as Nicky Koskoff in Martin Scorcese’s The Wolf of Wall Street (available for rental on Amazon) and as Principal Warren Nippal in Big Little Lies (HBO). Byrne also appears in 2017’s Home Again (available on Amazon Prime).

Jennifer Stachovic (CDM ’16)

If you’ve ever laughed so hard you cried or cried so hard you laughed at Netflix’s BoJack Horseman, you can thank alumna Jennifer Stachovic (CDM ’16), who joined the Series Animation Department in 2019 as a character designer. Stachovic is also a character designer on Netflix’s Tuca & Bertie.

Anne Stebbins (THE ’14)

Alumna Anne Stebbins (THE ’14) has been rubbing shoulders with one of the greats–no less than Al Pacino–on Amazon’s new original series Hunters, which features her work as a costume coordinator in the Costume and Wardrobe Department.

Dan Willis (CDM ’12)

Writer and director Dan Willis (CDM ’12) has enjoyed a varied and interesting career on the writing staffs of shows like The Blacklist (Available on Netflix and Hulu) and Grey’s Anatomy (available on Netflix and Hulu). Willis directed three episodes of The Blacklist: Episode #7.17Katarina Rostova (No. 3), and The Pharmacist (No. 124). He also directed two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy: Papa Don’t Preach and Help, I’m Alive.

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