Meet Your Volunteers: Carol Marchan (CMN ’17) and Jose Guerrero (SOM ’11) of the Latinx Alumni Chapter

DePaul’s alumni volunteers are important points of connection between you and your alma mater. In their roles as chapter leaders and committee members, volunteers help plan and coordinate the alumni programming offered by the Office of Alumni Relations. This summer, we’re sitting down with a few of our volunteers to get to know them and why they’re committed to DePaul.

This week, we hear from Carol Marchan (CMN ’17) and Jose Guerrero (SOM ’11) of the Latinx Alumni Chapter.

Carol Marchan (CMN ’17)

Hi everyone! I’m Carol Marchan, a proud Latinx alumna and a proud mujer Mexicana with strong roots in the immigrant community. I was born and raised in the Logan Square area in Chicago, and I love everything about this city. During my undergraduate career, my focus was primarily in the field of Communications; however, I spent a large amount of time in the Driehaus College of Business. Today, I am in sales as a Career Consultant. I am proud to say I carry on Vincentian values in my work by helping people achieve their educational goals and guiding them through the job search process with stellar career services, brand management and networking tips and tricks.

Q. Why did you join the Latinx Alumni Chapter?

A. When I heard there was a chance to launch a Latinx Alumni Chapter at DePaul, I jumped into my social media accounts and spread the word to all of my college friends. By spreading the word, I already felt like an ambassador. When I reached out to my contacts, I realized that I had not engaged with a lot of them for a very long time. This inspired the challenge to create more than a buzz around the potential for a Latinx Alumni Chapter—this inspired community. Ultimately, I have always longed to have a larger professional network with people who are like-minded and who can challenge, encourage and nourish one another, and this was it. Today, I am one of two leaders in the Latinx Alumni Chapter (term ending July), and I hope to see the chapter grow and accomplish many things. I will continue to serve as an active committee member and as a resource to the community it has become.

Q. What is your favorite DePaul memory?

A. I have so many great memories at DePaul, I can’t simply choose one. I think my greatest memory is that of legacy. My older and younger sister both graduated from DePaul as well, and while we did not attend at the same time, when I think of DePaul, I reminisce on family, greatness and kindness. Memory, to me, is not so much what happened in the past but what it inspires in the present. I love wearing my Blue Demon pride pin because wherever I go, people recognize it. I recently made a connection with a gentleman who graduated in 1994, and he shared with me his fondest memories of DePaul. To me, that is my favorite memory—the ability to share in connectedness to an institution that made so many people feel empowered and continues to do so with its legacy.

Jose Guerrero (SOM ’11)

José Alfredo Guerrero is an educator and musician from Chicago. Currently in his eighth year as an educator in Chicago Public Schools, José has transitioned from music educator to fifth grade general education teacher. After school, José Alfredo plays with his band Madera Once, paying tribute to Mexican and Latin-centric styles of music with a contemporary twist. José Alfredo is grateful for the wonderful opportunities to have played at venues such as the Pritzker Pavilion, Concord Music Hall and festivals across Chicago.

Q. Why did you join the DePaul University Latinx Alumni Chapter?

A. I joined the Latinx Alumni Chapter because I wanted to continue to build and create spaces for future generations of DePaulians to feel welcome and a sense of belonging. In addition, working with fellow Latinx graduates across various majors has allowed us to create a community that is still connected to DePaul and our experiences.

Q. What is your favorite DePaul memory?

A. One of my favorite memories at DePaul includes meeting friends at Allende for some tacos or Branko’s for a burger in between classes. Also, the many times I was able to perform with the DePaul Opera Theater on campus and at the Merle Reskin Theater throughout my four years will always hold a special place in my music education.

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