DePaul Community Steps Up for Students in Need

Life can change fast.

College students know that better than probably anyone. On top of the typical stresses of moving in, meeting new people, finding footing in a challenging academic setting and keeping up with an ever-growing list of new responsibilities, sometimes life puts even more on our plates. Sometimes, unexpected events like family illnesses, job loss or emergency medical situations put students in vulnerable positions, asking them to overcome obstacles that can seem insurmountable. It’s times like these that that we rely on our communities more than ever.

At DePaul, the Student Emergency Assistance Fund (SEAF) is one way our community helps support its most vulnerable members in their time of greatest need. The SEAF provides students with one-time funds to assist them through situations such as housing or food insecurity, transportation needs, unforeseen medical bills and more.

During the 2018-19 academic year, the SEAF provided more than $33,000 to help cover living expenses (food, electric, heat, etc.), medical bills, rent, school supplies and transportation costs. Without access to these vital funds, some students may not have been able to continue their education.

SEAF Distribution FY19

The extraordinary giving spirit of the DePaul community makes initiatives like the Student Emergency Assistance Fund possible. All told, 577 donors have contributed to the SEAF so far in fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019). The average donation to the SEAF was just over $50—it doesn’t take much to make a BIG difference when the DePaul community bands together.

As students enjoy their summer break, now is a great time to prepare for next academic year by making a gift to the Student Emergency Assistance Fund. The collective support of alumni and friends will help our students no matter what unexpected circumstances may get in their way.

Photo credit: Tom Evans

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