Alumni Experts: A Mental Health Check-in with Yessenia Mejia (COE ’18)

Given the hectic schedule most DePaul University students manage to juggle—exploring their interests through a full schedule of classes, developing their skills at multiple jobs or internships, enriching their communities through volunteer opportunities and maintaining a social life all at the same time—it’s no surprise that when they graduate, DePaul alumni achieve great heights in a wide array of fields.

In fact, our alumni have gone on to become experts in everything from selling donuts out of food trucks to winning Emmys. Drawing on the unique expertise of our alumni community, we started Alumni Experts, a new series to share the wealth of knowledge and skills DePaul alumni have to offer.

This week, we talked to Yessenia Mejia (COE ’18), a clinical mental health expert and 2018 graduate of the College of Education’s Masters of Education in Counseling program, about how to identify stressors and manage anxiety during these uncertain times. Yessenia also offers some tips on how to manage time and relationships at home, then leads you through a short relaxation exercise. We hope you enjoy this lesson—let us know using the hashtag #DPUAlumniExperts!

Want to check out other episodes? Watch our Alumni Experts playlist or browse the library.

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